I release sounds on CASSETTE tape.
Yes, people still listen to cassette tapes.

In 2011, I started my label Spring Break Tapes, putting out people's music on cassette tape. It's been the funnest, most rewarding project to date. Getting to work closely with relatively unknown artists and meeting people around the world with similar interest in cassettes has been priceless.

At a certain point I started making my own experimental sounds, created specifically for the cassette format and began releasing them under the moniker Monte Burrows. You can find releases on my Bandcamp page. I was thrilled to find labels who appreciated the sounds I was concocting and wanted to work with me. Wounded Knife released Ikki Ni in 2015 followed bySawtooth released by Castle Bravo and Skua released by Falt, both in early 2017. And just at the tail end of 2017, Czaszka Records in Scotland released the collaboration I've been working on with the talented Lorenzo Peluffo (Hep!Collective) which we titled Samphappalapa.

In 2016, I started a new cassette label named Dinzu Artefacts. The focus of this label and motto is "Sound as an art form" as the mission here was to release sounds created by contemporary artists interested in field recordings, tape manipulation, noise and experimental practices where sound is concerned.

I do a majority of the art for the cassettes, which is always a fun and challenging process trying to find the right imagery to fit the artist's music. Spring Break Tapes has a small but worldwide fan base and tapes are sold at the Museum of Contemporary Art store in Los Angeles amongst an array of record stores and distributors in the US and Europe. The aim is to have Dinzu Artefacts follow it's own but similar path.